about collage

Hello and welcome to my gallery!

I’m Giri Berenstein, a software architect during the days and a daring artist at nights :-) .

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember myself. Drawing is definitely one of the things that define me. You can find me sketching on every piece of paper, anytime, anyplace.

What I enjoy most, however, is putting an effort into a painting and doing it as perfectly as I can – which I don’t get to do much.

Except for drawing and working, I harbor lots of free-time activities (and very little free time…) – I’m an enthusiastic reader of books and comics; I lease a horse and ride at least three times a week; I enjoy the scenery around me on foot or on skis; I love music and films and going to a good restaurant with my lovely husband Ofer; and of course giving some attention to our dog Nova.

In addition to the gallery this site hosts my personal blog, which I started writing upon relocating to Calgary in 2011. The blog was initiated as a series of facebook notes and is aimed mostly and my friends and family from back home, which is why it’s in Hebrew. There’s no English version planned at the moment – but feel free to try google translate, if it doesn’t pull it off at least you’ll get some laughs.

I hope you enjoy the gallery – I know I enjoyed collecting it.